Insight from Terabytes+ of processed data

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Scalable applications development

Serverless Application

Run highly scalable application without having to manage server

Recommendation Engine

Machine learning powered recommendation from behaviorial data

Powerful Search

Run search, filter, aggregations on huge dataset in sub-second

Data collector

Collecting data periodically & turns them into meaningful insights

Log shipper

Ships GBs of logs or metrics into DW / ELK stack for analytics

API integrations

We worked with thousands of commercial APIs, we know the tricks

and more..

Technology stack

NodeJs / Python (NLTK, Panda)

Elasticsearch / Mongodb / Dynamodb / Cloud datastore / SQL

BigQuery / Athena / Tableau

AWS Lambda / Google Cloud Function / Cloudrun

Amazon Web Service / Google Cloud Platform / IBM Cloud

We are hiring

Data Engineer

ML Specialist

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