All-in-one Development and Data Service

# big data

# machine learning

# market intelligence

# data visualization

# mobile app

# responsive web

# chatbot

# eCommerce

We build applications with modern technologies

ReactJs / React Native / HTML5-CSS4-JS

NodeJs / ExpressJs / Python (NLTK, Panda)

Elasticsearch / Mongodb / Dynamodb / Cloud datastore / SQL

Redshift / BigQuery / Athena / Tableau

Serverless Architecture / AWS Lambda / Google Cloud Function

Amazon Web Service / Google Cloud Platform / IBM Softlayer Bluemix

Serverless Application

Highly scalable application that operates without server

Recommendation Engine

Suggestion made by Machine learning powered engine from browse and purchase histories

Powerful Search

Run search, filter, aggregations on huge dataset and returns results in sub-second

Data collector

Collecting online data periodically, turns them into structure data and visualize

Log shipper

Ships gigabytes of server log or business metrics into Data Warehouse / ELK stack for analytics

Web and App

Responsive websites and Native applications run smoothly cross platform

and tons more..

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